About the Artist

Alison Onyx is a Canadian tattoo artist and fine artist from the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia. As a student she took every art class available - from watercolour and oil painting to life drawing and ceramics. After graduating high school and living abroad for six years she returned to Canada to start her tattoo apprenticeship with Erick Vasquez in 2017. Her area of interest has always been blackwork and dotwork tattoos. She employs intricate lining and stippling techniques to blend realism with surrealism, and she believes that psychedelic imagery doesn’t always have to be colourful. Through her work she aims to evoke respect for the natural world. Her tattoos primarily feature animals, plants, and dreamlike beings that inhabit a space somewhere outside the generally accepted version of reality. She is inspired by fossils, fungi, and ancient artifacts, taking esoteric symbols and giving them new meaning within her work. Alison’s focus is on creating a unique and meaningful piece of art for each client, ensuring that they feel comfortable and involved throughout the entire tattoo process.

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